How much does it cost to rent the Lake Lanier Olympic Venue?

Please see our Venue Rental Policy for the most current rental fee information. 

What does your facility provide?

The LLOV provides the space. The Plaza area can seat up to 2,000 people comfortably. The Boathouse can seat up to 125 people. The Tower can seat up to 20 people. The indoor spaces include use of heat, A/C, electrical, and restroom facilities. The Plaza includes electrical and restroom facilities.

Do I need an appointment?

An appointment to tour the facilities is recommended. To tour the Plaza, you are welcome to come anytime during normal business hours (M-F 9 a.m.-4 p.m.) without an appointment. 

Do we need an approved caterer?

No. You may use any professional caterer of your choosing. As a courtesy, we have a list of recommended caterers that are familiar with our facility. 

Can we serve alcohol?

Alcohol is permitted as long as you have a caterer with an outside sales alcohol license.

Do you have rectangular (banquet tables)?

Yes. We have 6 ft. and 8 ft. tables available for rent.

Do you have high top tables, linens, glassware or silverware?

We do not. However, you may rent these items from an outside vendor. Please provide pick-up service no later than the next business day following the event.

May we have floral arrangements?

For outdoor events floral arrangements can be used as needed. For indoor events, floral arrangements can be used provided they are in leak-proof containers.

Can we have candles?

Yes, but they must first be approved by LLOV staff.

Can we have sparklers, confetti, rice, birdseed, and/or glitter?

Yes. However, an additional $200 clean-up fee will be added.

What about smoking?

No smoking is permitted.

Can we have a band/DJ?


Can the lights be dimmed?

Our lights do not have dimmers. However, we can turn off lights to create the desired effect.

Can we have tents outside?

Yes. Our preferred tent rental company is Lanier Tent Rental.